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We all love it!

Lily loves her crystal bottle. Not only is it healing to carry around it’s super easy to use. The ability to have the water go back into the bottle saves the rest she needs to rehydrate. I charge the crystal over full moon and love that it helps calm her anxiety too. We all love it!

Zen devours his water from this bottle

This is the best portable, beautiful, clean water bottle for my baby Zen! I love the glass to keep the water clean and non-toxic and the crystal is a beautiful feature. Zen devours his water from this bottle and it’s so convenient to bring out! 

Bentley stopped barking as much

My lab Bentley has a tendency to bark and whine really loud whenever I leave. So, I did some research and found out about crystal healing in pets, I immediately bought a black obsidian stone bottle, to my surprise Bentley stopped barking as much, he even started wandering the house on his own sometimes.


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All crystals have different healing properties that benefit animals in various ways. Each crystal has unique abilities that can heal or improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of your dog.