Stayin' Alive Kit - All Eyes on Me Collar + Fly Away Toy


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Certified Biothane®

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Take your dog's lifestyle to a whole new level while saving $$ with our Stayin' Alive Kit!

Composed with our best selling collar & toy.

Bundle Details

All Eyes on Me Collar

All Eyes on Me collar, designed for city & active lifestyle. This four-season collar will resist anything that comes in the way: dirt, stain, odor, and even water.

Equipped with our proprietary Crystal Ring and a leash attachment in the back, All Eyes on Me is the perfect healing collar for your trendy pup.

Easy to use with an adjustable buckle and created with American-made Super Heavy Biothane® by our expert artisans in the USA.

Fly Away Interactive Toy

Meet Fly Away, your dog's new favorite fetch toy. The frisbee-like shape will make it a breeze to throw and provides an easy grip all-around for your dog.

This shade of blue just can't be missed no matter where you launch it in the air. To top it all off, the toy is infused with drool-worthy mint, to help combat smelly breath, it also holds treats for a post-play snack.


Where are the collars made?

Each collar is hand made with love by expert artisan in the US.

What are the collars made of?

Our collars are made of genuine Biothane® an incredibly strong material made here in the US.

Biothane is water and stain proof.

How to care for my collar?

Caring for your All Eyes on Me collar is easy. Simply wipe off any dust or dirt and it will look just like new.

We discourage using harsh chemicals as they may damage the material.

Which crystal should I pick for my collar?

Our collection of crystals covers the main ailment that can be found in pets. We always encourage you to take our quiz for the best recommendation

Is there a warranty?

Due to the strengh of the material and the care we put into designing them, it is unlikely you will have any issues with your collar. We offer full replacement or refund on collars that have a manufactruring default.

If you have any issues with your collar, please email us at help@mercicollective.

I need help, who should I contact?

Send us a message through our contact page or simply email us at help@mercicollective.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We ship all around the world. For shipping rates, simply head to the checkout page, enter your address, and your rate will automatically appear.


Need help finding your perfect match?

All crystals have different healing properties that benefit animals in various ways. Each crystal has unique abilities that can heal or improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of your dog.