Jump Around Leash


Made in Los Angeles, CA

Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Certified Biothane®

Dirt, odor & water proof

Jump Around Color Options

Lilac haze color biothane dog leash

Lilac Haze

Light Gold Hardware

Martini Olive color biothane dog leash

Martini Olive

Black Hardware

Sea Lavender

Silver Hardware


Silver Hardware

Jungle Green

Light Gold Hardware


Where are the leashes made?

Each leash is hand made with love by expert artisan in the US.

What are the leashes made of?

Our leashes are made of genuine Biothane® an incredibly strong material made here in the US.

Biothane is water, odor and stain proof.

How to care for my leash?

Caring for your Jump Around leash is easy. Simply wipe off any dust or dirt and it will look just like new.

We discourage using harsh chemicals as they may damage the material.

Is there a warranty?

Due to the strengh of the material and the care we put into designing them, it is unlikely you will have any issues with your leashes. We offer full replacement or refund on leashes that have a manufactruring default.

If you have any issues with your leash, please email us at help@mercicollective.

I need help, who should I contact?

Send us a message through our contact page or simply email us at help@mercicollective.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We ship all around the world. For shipping rates, simply head to the checkout page, enter your address, and your rate will automatically appear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jill R

I got this leash as a matching item for the All Eyes on Me collar in lilac, and it looks so cute paired together. Pepsi jumped in a lake wearing her collar and leash, and I can say that it still looks as amazing as when it arrived! You can just tell the material is super durable making it worth the price. Highly recommend!

You get what you pay for

With our active lifestyle, we go through leashes at such a quick pace. I tried the rope leash and it lasted 2 months, nylon about the same until I discovered this leash. The quality is incredible, it feels durable and strong. It's been 2 months and my leash still looks intact and luxurious. 100% recommend!


I bought this leash and decided to invest a little more than usual and I am so glad I did. This leash is super thick and soft, I can tell it's also really strong. What I love the most is that I can just wipe it clean once I get home from hikes, all the dust and dirt just comes off with a bit of water. The detail on the handle is so pretty and makes the leash even more comfortable to hold. A great purchase!


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