Crystal Catnip for Dogs


Made in Los Angeles, CA

Certified Natural

Ultra-Potent Catnip

Infused with a Rose Quartz

premium rose quartz infused catnip

Catnip For Dogs

If your beloved dog gets nervous at the vet or during a road trip, catnip will help calm them down. Give them some catnip to eat about 30 minutes before the appointment and watch them relax with no care in the world.

Catnip can also be great for your dog when they are experiencing tummy problems. This includes indigestion to nausea and motion sickness. This is due to the fact that catnip contains substances that help ease the stomach.

Another great way to help your dog with catnip is when they are having trouble sleeping. If you have a dog that loves staying up late, try giving them some catnip and watch them fall asleep just like an angel. This can also help regulate your dog’s sleeping patterns!


The health benefits of Catnip

According to veterinarian Dr. Lindsey Wendt, catnip is as safe for dogs as it is for felines. There have yet to be any studies revealing health benefits specifically in dogs, but broader investigations have shown that catnip can have anti-inflammatory properties; help get rid of microbes, bacteria, and parasites; and protect liver function.

One study even showed that the plant can kill human lung cancer cells! Catnip essential oil has been shown to repel 13 families of insects, in some cases 10 times better than DEET.

FAQ - Catnip For Dogs

Can I use Catnip to help with my dog's anxiety?

In most dogs, catnip works as a mild sedative to calm your dog’s nerves, making your dog relax and sleepy.

If your dog has anxiety, you can give them some catnip to relieve stress and help it get through the situation.

How long does catnip effect will last on my dog?

The effects of catnip vary from one dog to another. The effects are expected to last for 10 to 30 minutes.

How do I give catnip to my dogs?

You can sprinkle some catnip onto your dog’s bed or playing area will help soothe and relax them especially if you are leaving and your dog’s have separation anxiety.

Baking dog cookies with catnip as an ingredient! There are quick and easy recipes that you can search on the web to enhance your dog’s experience when giving them catnip!

If you don’t trust yourself in the kitchen then sprinkling some into your dog’s dinner is also another great way to help them ingest catnip. Just keep in mind not to give them too much!

You may also consider giving your dog a fruit/veggie salad with some catnip sprinkling on top.

Is catnip better than CBD?

They are simply different! Both oils deriving from Catnip and CBD are 100% safe for your dog. Think of catnip as a budget alternative to CBD oil as real CBD oil can be very expensive for some.

CBD oil has longer-lasting effects as it can be built up in your dog’s system if given daily while catnip is short-lived.

Always remember to consult with your local veterinarian about any substance you are giving to your dog including catnip and CBD as they are most knowledgeable about your pet’s health and safety.

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