Urban Oasis - Crystal-Infused Water Bottle


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Crystal Options

Black Obsidian

The powerful energy of the Black Obsidian reduces feelings of loneliness, separation anxiety and soothes nerves. Known to increase perception within pets, helping them analyze a situation more carefully before instinctively reacting.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine helps uplift overall physical health. Dogs and cats that need relief from anxiety and fear as well as a boost in their resistance to stressful situations will greatly enjoy drinking from this bottle.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz helps heal old scars as it opens the heart to others to give and receive love. Dogs that tend to be shy or have experienced abuse and traumas in the past will greatly enjoy drinking from this bottle.

Tourmaline Quartz

Tourmaline Quartz purifies and protects the energy around it while also strengthening the energy focused through it. This beautiful crystal rids all negative emotions in your animal and provides courage and self-esteem for them to grow mentally.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is known for its “damage control” power. Sometimes stress can get a bit overwhelming even for our furry friends. The stone provides clarity in your dog’s mind which helps with their excessive barking.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz increases space in the mind for creativity and imagination to run wild while providing immunity to negative energies. This stone is widely used during training as it heightens the communication between the pet and its owner.



We all love it!

Lily loves her crystal bottle. Not only is it healing to carry around it’s super easy to use. The ability to have the water go back into the bottle saves the rest she needs to rehydrate. I charge the crystal over full moon and love that it helps calm her anxiety too. We all love it!


Zen devours his water from this bottle

This is the best portable, beautiful, clean water bottle for my baby Zen! I love the glass to keep the water clean and non-toxic and the crystal is a beautiful feature. Zen devours his water from this bottle and it’s so convenient to bring out! 


Bentley stopped barking as much

My lab Bentley has a tendency to bark and whine really loud whenever I leave. So, I did some research and found out about crystal healing in pets, I immediately bought a black obsidian bottle, to my surprise Bentley stopped barking as much, he even started wandering the house on his own sometimes.


Which crystal is best for my dog?

The short answer, all of them! There are some crystals that might be better than others, please take our crystal quiz for the best recommendation.

How to care for my bottle?

Caring for your bottle is really easy! Simply hand wash the cup part, the crystal and bamboo lid - make sure to pat dry the bamboo lid, like any wood object, it is always best not to immerse them in water for a long period of time. The glass cylinder can easily be place on the top rack of your dishwasher.

What is the bottle made of?

Our Urban Oasis has been designed with the best possible materials for your pet:

-Food grade ABS cup.

-High borosilicate glass cylinder that meets a heat resistance of up to 420F.

-Hand picked healing crystal and certified natural by a GIA Gemologist.

-Authentic sustainable bamboo lid.

What is the warranty?

We offer full replacement or refund on bottles that may have a manufactruring default. If you accidentally break your bottle, always contact us at help@mercicollective.com to let us help you.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We ship all around the world. For shipping rates, simply head to the checkout page, enter your address, and your rate will automatically appear.

I need help, who should I contact?

Send us a message through our contact page or simply email us at help@mercicollective.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
A beauty!

Love this bottle and my dog too!

Art & function

I've always sought unique products for my dog and this water bottle with a healing crystal center is genuinely one-of-a-kind. The chevron amethyst variant is not just visually stunning but carries a soothing energy. Plus, the bamboo bottom is a thoughtful nod to sustainability which is so important to me.

So cute

This water bottle is so cute and practical, I love it, thank you!!

Solid stuff

I love this water bottle, I was hesitant about the glass but even after dropping my bottle on concrete floors, it held up perfectly. I am at peace knowing the bottle does not release microplastic which most bottles out there do. It is also so pretty, everyone ask me about it at the dog park!

Perfect Water Bottles with Crystals

These are the best water bottles. I bought the rose quartz and the clear quartz and will get the amethyst one as soon as it is available again. The crystals are absolutely beautiful!!! Chani - the owner- is amazing. She is so sweet. She surprised my little girl with a beautiful gift.


Need help finding your perfect match?

All crystals have different healing properties that benefit animals in various ways. Each crystal has unique abilities that can heal or improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of your dog.